Análise Óptica de Sistemas Eletro-ópticos por Meio do Cálculo da MTF

E. S. BarbariniE. L. L. Rodrigues

One of the widely used methods for performance analysis of an optic system is the determination of the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). The MTF represents a quantitative and direct measure of image quality, and, besides being an objective test, can be used on concatenated optical system. This paper presents the application of software called SMTF (software modulation transfer function), built in C++ and Open CV platforms, for MTF calculation on electro-optical system. Through this method, the performance of a digital fundus camera and an infrared sensor was analyzed. The MTF information assists the analysis of the optical system alignment, and also defines its resolution limit by the MTF graphic. The result obtained from the implemented software is compared with the theoretical MTF curve from the analyzed systems.

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