KDM-RE: A Model-Driven Refactoring Tool for KDM

Rafael S. DurelliBruno M. SantosRaphael R. HondaMárcio E. DelamaroValter V. de Camargo

Architecture-Driven Modernization (ADM) advocates the use of mod-els as the main artifacts during modernization of legacy systems. KnowledgeDiscovery Metamodel (KDM) is the main ADM metamodel and its two mostoutstanding characteristics are the capacity of representing both i) all systemdetails, ranging from lower level to higher level elements, and ii) the dependen-cies along this spectrum. Although there exist tools, which allow the applicationof refactorings in class diagrams, none of them uses KDM as their underlyingmetamodel. As UML is not so complete as KDM in terms of abstraction lev-els and its main focus is on representing diagrams, it is not the best metamodelfor modernizations, since modifications in lower levels cannot be propagated tohigher levels. To fulfill this lack, in this paper we present a tool that allows theapplication of seventeen fine-grained refactorings in class diagrams. The maindifference from other tools is that the class diagrams uses KDM as their under-lying metamodel and all refactorings are applied on this metamodel. Therefore,the modernizer engineer can detect "model smells" in these diagrams and applythe refactorings.

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