Um esquema de compressão de sequências de imagens baseado na DCT

The Web as a Data Source for Spatial Databases

Costa, Carlos Antonio ReinaldoGeus, Paulo Lício de

Karla A. V. BorgesAlberto H. F. LaenderClaudia B. MedeirosAltigran S. da SilvaClodoveu Augusto Davis Jr.

The growth of modern telecommunications technology have made possible the use of digital video transmission in several types of applications. Digital transmission has many advantages over analog transmission; however, there are some problems that appear with the digital transmission of image sequences: the digitalization process increases bandwidth requirements and most local area networks do not support the cost of digital video transmission in real-time. Image compression techniques seek to minimize this cost; they must be relatively fast and, at the same time, able to reach high compression rates. In this paper, it is presented a new scheme for image sequence compression that combines the discrete cosine transform with movement detection and progressive transmission strategies. Detailed descriptions of the method and its variants are given, and some experimental results are analysed.

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