Hierarchical face modeling and fast 3D facial expression synthesis

Zhang YuEdmond Cyril PrakashEric Sung

This paper presents a new hierarchical facial model that conforms to the human anatomy for realistic and fast 3D facial expression synthesis. The facial model has a skin/muscle/skull structure. The deformable skin model uses a kind of nonlinear springs to directly simulate the nonlinear visco-elastic behavior of soft tissue, and a new kind of edge repulsion springs is developed to prevent model collapse. The incorporation of the skull extends the scope of facial motion and facilitates facial muscle construction. The construction of facial muscles is achieved by using an efficient muscle mapping approach that ensures different muscles to be located at the anatomically correct positions. For computational efficiency, we devise an adaptive simulation algorithm which uses either a semi-implicit integration scheme or a quasi-static solver to compute the relaxation by traversing the designed data structures in a breadth-first order. The algorithm runs in real-time and has successfully synthesized realistic facial expressions.

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