A locally adaptive edge-preserving algorithm for image interpolation

Leizza RodriguesDibio L. BorgesLuiz M. G. Gonçalves

Digital image interpolation techniques are frequently used to enlarge pictures, i.e. zooming in, and they are upon increasingly demand for developing product applications using digital still cameras. One common difficulty with conventional interpolation techniques is that of preserving details, i.e. edges, and at the same time smoothing the data for not introducing spurious artifacts. A definitive solution to this is still an open issue, although there are working methods in the market, see e.g. Parker et. al. [6], Sakamoto et. al. [8] for recent surveys. In this paper we propose a locally adaptive edge-preserving algorithm for image interpolation, which deals with this problem, and different than other methods shows how to compute local thresholds preserving edges and not destroying smoothness at the same time.

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