Smart Visible Sets for networked virtual environments

Fabio Osorio MoreiraJoao L. D. CombaCarla M. D. S. Freitas

The real-time visualization of complex virtual environments across the network is a challenging problem in Computer Graphics. The use of pre-computed visibility associated to regions in space, such as in the Potentially Visible Sets (PVS) approach, may reduce the amount of data sent across the network. How-ever, a PVS for a region may still be complex, and further partitions of the PVS are necessary. In this paper we introduce the concept of a Smart Visible Set (SVS), which corresponds to (1) a partition of PVS informa-tion into dynamic subsets that take into account client position, and (2) an ordering mechanism that enumer-ates these dynamic sets using a visual importance metric. Results comparing the SVS and the PVS approach are presented.

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