Visualizing inner structures in multimodal volume data

Isabel H. ManssourSérgio S. FuruieSilvia D. OlabarriagaCarla M. D. S. Freitas

With the evolution of medical image acquisition techniques, the capacity and fidelity of image-based diagnosis were extended. The current trend is to acquire information using multiple sources to help medical diagnosis, but the integration of the multivariate data into a single 3-D representation is non-trivial. Techniques for the visualization of multimodal volume data have been developed with the goal of finding suitable strategies to integrate characteristics of multiple data sets into a single visual representation. Likewise, several techniques are dedicated to the exploration of different ways of incorporating seeing-through capabilities into volume rendering techniques. This paper presents a new approach to visualize inner structures in multimodal volume data, which is based in the utilization of cutting tools.

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