An Approach to Support Algorithms Learning Using Virtual Worlds

Salgado, N.Castro, T.

The basic algorithmic structures are fundamental to systems development and understanding them is an essential step towards the learning process. In order to become a good developer the student needs to refine his learning outcomes to foresee beyond syntax and semantics of a programming language. However, we found that many students face difficulties in that learning process. Thus, it is important to adopt strategies that best fits this situation in order to provide the necessary conditions to achieve success. For that purpose a tool provided with resources for the teachers to plan group problem solving exercises would help students keeping themselves engaged on the programming activities. In this regard we are developing scenarios using virtual worlds. Such environments have been used on many educational contexts, and we believe that if we include Polya's problem solving method as a means for start solving the collaborative tasks described within the scenarios students will propose strategies for solving th

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