Automatic method for assessment of telangiectasia degreeing by mathematical morphology

Franklin César FloresRoberto de Alencar LotufoStela IsernhagenLeonardo Marques Rocha IsernhagenAlexandre Gonçalves SilvaEduardo Faccini Rocha

This paper presents an automatic method to assess telangiectasia degreeing, by estimating the reduction of the varicose area from pre to post-treatment using digital image analysis techniques. First both images are geometrically transformed and color space reduced, in order to make them suitable for processing. Next, the varicose veins are segmented via watershed transform and the varicose areas in both images are detected. Finally, the assessment degreeing is done. The method was applied to twenty patients and the results were very consistent, according to the analysis of six vascular specialists.

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