Estratégias para importação de grandes volumes de dados para um servidor PostgreSQL

Approximating parametric curves with strip trees using affine arithmetic

Vanessa Barbosa RolimMarilia Ribeiro da SilvaVilmar SchmelzerFernando José BrazEduardo da Silva

Luiz Henrique de FigueiredoJorge StolfiLuiz Velho

Among the projects in development on Fabrica de Software environ-ment at the Catarinense Federal Institute, one is about a traffic managementsupport system. In this project, the import of an external, too large, and unstruc-tured file data to an internal SQL database is required. The use of a frameworkDjango to import this data obtained a low performance result. Then, new im-port strategies were desirable. Thus, this work deals with the optimization ofdata import strategies used to solve this problem, by presenting the proposedsolutions and comparing their performance results. We show how to use affine arithmetic to represent a parametric curve with a strip tree. The required bounding rectangles for pieces of the curve are computed by exploiting the linear correlation information given by affine arithmetic. As an application, we show how to compute approximate distance fields for parametric curves.

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