Câmbio: realistic three dimensional simulation of humanoids based on computer vision and robotics

Claus AranhaSchubert Carvalho RibeiroLuiz M. G. Gonçalves

We introduce concepts and algorithms for control of visual motor commands and realistic simulation of basic habilities as visual servoing and perception for robotics simulation. The introduced tools can also be used in a straight-forward way to build computer animated devices as virtual agents, and avatars. We use the tools to build part of a humanoid (arms and head) robot, affectivelly named Câmbio. We will describe Câmbio's design, providing an overview on the most used feature extraction techniques for perception, discussing implementation issues. We intend to show the usefullness of a simulated plataform as an inexpensive alternative for testing and developing computer vision algorithms in real-time robotics applications and its possible extensions to computer animated agents and avatars.

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