A interferência das novas tecnologias e os perigos de sua generalização: o estudo ergonômico do voto eletrônico no Brasil.

Walter de Abreu CybisGabriel Michel

The purpose of this article is to analyse the repercussions of the expanded use of new computer and communication technologies, and the potential difficulties that they present to our daily life. To illustrate this topic, the ergonomic qualities of the computerised voting system used currently in Brazil were evaluated. In the first stage, an ergonomic inspection of the device revealed problems of usability among a population considered able to utilise the new technologies. Tests of usability with two groups of people excluded from the use of this technology, the blind and the aged, certified the incompatibility of this system with these vulnerable populations. A statistical analysis of the voting results in recent elections confirm the detected ergonomic problems, as well as their impact on that portion of the population, considered to have a normal relationship with the new computer and communication technologies. This article also offers a brief review of the contributions that the Ergonomics of the Human-

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