Information technologies in services: Old and new problems.

Michele MarianiOronzo ParlangeliMargherita BracciSebastião Bagnara

Information technology design and its introduction in the workplace will be discussed with respect to the service sector. This sector should be one of the main ergonomics field of study, as it continues to employ a growing majority of the workforce. The first part of the paper is concerned with a tentative conceptual framework for the analysis of the client-performer relation. The authors' thesis is that such relation should be the focus of ergonomic intervention in services. In the second part an ergonomic evaluation of a call center project, performed by experts in human-computer interaction, will be described. This project is particularly relevant, as it is characterized by a highly structured process flow with a large amount of data to be requested over the conversation that takes place during each phone call. Results from the study will be discussed taking into consideration the technological and organisational aspects of the project. Finally, these results will be shown to account for the old and new p

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