Análise e Ranqueamento da Rede de Advogados induzida por Processos Judiciais Trabalhistas

A fast vision-based road following strategy applied to the control of aerial robots

Leonardo Filipe Rodrigues RibeiroDaniel R. FigueiredoPaulo Roberto Nascimento

Geraldo F. SilveiraJ. Reginaldo H. CarvalhoMarconi K. MadridPatrick RivesSamuel S. Bueno

Who are the most important lawyers in the labor court of Rio de Janeiro state? Using data from tens of thousands of cases, we created a network of lawyers, directed and weighted, in order to answer that and some other questions. An empirical evaluation indicates that the structure of the network has very commonly features founded in other real social networks. Metrics as closeness, betweenness, vertex strength and pagerank were used to perform ranking of its vertices and identifying the main lawyers of the network. Lastly, we found information about how lawyers are related to each other in the different trials in which they worked. The main objective of this work is to understand how labor lawyers are connected and what their importance is in the community in which they work. The utilization of the vision as a feedback sensor in closed-loop control schemes is of great interest, mainly due to the high density of information revealed by images. In this work, we present a method to perform road following tracking by aerial unmanned vehicles (AUV) based on visual input. Difficulties arise from the non-holonomic constraints of the AUV moving in 3D. The problems are overcome using a visual servoing approach based on an Interaction Matrix. Simulation results validating the methodology are shown at the end of the paper.

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