A new paradigm for the architecture of morphological machines: binary decision diagrams

Heraldo M. F. MadeiraJ. BarreraR. Hirata Jr.N. S. T. Hirata

A central paradigm in Mathematical Morphology (MM) is the representation of set operators in terms of erosions, intersection, union, complementation and composition. A hardware or software that implement this decomposition structure is called a morphological machine (MMach). The architecture of all known MMachs has a central characteristic a small kernel with very fast procedures. Another well known decomposition result in MM is the defined) as an union of sup-generating (i.e., hit-or-miss) operators. In particular, erosion is a sup-generating operator. A remarkable property of this decomposition structure is that it can be represented efficiently by a graph called Binary Decision Diagram (BDD). In this paper, we propose a new architecture for an MMach that is based on BDDs and we compare it with the conventional architecture.

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