A Synthesizable Serial-in Syndrome Calculator for DVB-S2 BCH Decoding

Real-time terrain surface extraction at variable resolution

Cesar G. ChavesJose E. BertuzzoEduardo R. LimaJacqueline G. Mertes

Luiz Carlos Castro Guedes

This paper presents the design of a serial-in syndromecalculator for digital satellite TV. Such a detailed andeasy-to-implement manner was not found in other relater papers,according to the best of authors knowledge. It includes anin-deep explanation of the architecture design, as well as theresults of FPGA prototyping and of the synthesis in 65nmCMOS. Even though it is a simple design, it is of paramountimportance for error detection and correction in digital satelliteTV communications. Moreover, it can be used as a basis for othercyclic-code syndrome calculators. Synthesis results show that thisdesign can be used with different frequency values and that ithas a low gate count.

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