Development of an Immersive VR Simulator Using the Unreal Development Kit

Vitor A. M. JorgeAugusto HoppeAnderson MacielLuciana NedelGelson C. ReinaldoFrederico FariaJackson OliveiraPedro Montani

This paper discusses the challenges in the development of a Virtual Reality simulator to train and to assess the risk perception among maintenance technicians using the UDK game engine. The project involves a multidisciplinary team from different areas and the design of transparent 3D user interfaces. Such simulator can be a great tool to reduce accidents and costs, since accidents in power distribution operations are frequently caused by behavioral deviations. We present the initial experiments, showing a positive reaction from the users when they see their own limbs. The results indicate that the system provides a reasonable feeling of presence, already at the current stage of development.

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