Engenharia de Software no Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul: História, Panorama e Desafios

Débora Maria Barroso PaivaJane Dirce A. Sandim EleutérioMarcelo A. Santos TurineMaria Istela CagninJucele França de Alencar VasconcellosFrancisco VasconcellosLeonardo Silva

The state of Mato Grosso do Sul has several natural and cultural attractions and, traditionally, has economy based on agribusiness and cattle breeding. In recent years, the sector of Information Technology has played important role as a supplier of information systems that help to automate many activities important to the industry, commerce and government. In this sense, this article aims to make a first survey data on the area of Software Engineering in the State under the views of academia and industry, highlighting elements of its history, its present state and challenges for the future. As a result, we intend to present data that may be useful for decision making by professionals of industry and government. Also, we expect to encourage other researchers to do similar survey in other states. The final goal is to obtain a more general analysis on the actions of Software Engineering in the country.

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