On the Separability of Denotational Semantics

Luiz Carlos Castro GuedesEdward Hermann Haeusler

Many authors say that Mosses observed that denotational semantics intertwine model details with the underlying conceptual analysis. However, it is not written anywhere what exactly is a model detail or the conceptual analysis. Mosses proposed the Action Semantics approach in order to help hidding the model details under the concept of facets. It should be noticed that the separation between actions and facets is not enough to characterize language and model concepts respectively. A rather intuitive definition for language inherent concepts, under any framework, is to taking into account what is common to every specification of the language. Anything else should be considered as model dependent. Here, under a Denotational Semantics framework, we introduce the concept of Model Algebra as the basis of our separation. From this concept we define the corresponding Action Algebra, which will define, together will all other Action Algebras for the same language, a category of Action Algebras. The iterative pull-back of this category, named as Language Algebra, formalizes the concept of being language inherent. This result is of major relevance to the subject of compiler generation because it precisely defines what should be the best description of a programming language. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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