Using mediator and datawarehouse technologies for developing an environmental decision support system

Ana Maria de Carvalho MouraMarcio de Carvalho Victorino

Over the last years environmental preservation has become a topic of great interest and concern of general public and governmental and environmental agencies, increasing their need to obtain more accurate information about nature conditions in the planet. However, this information is spread throughout the world, stored in distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous computational platforms. This work proposes an architecture that combines a middleware system (Le Select) and Data Warehouse (DW) technology to create Decision Support Systems (DSS), in the goal of helping decision makers of environmental organizations to take their strategic policies about environment. The use of this architecture has been achieved through the implementation of a tool named LSExtract, which provides the extraction of heterogeneous external sources published on the Web. After a transformation process these data are loaded into a DW organization area, as a previous step to the development of an environmental DW.

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