Metadata for an extensible data warehouse server

Marcus C. SampaioEduardo M. F. JorgeClaudio S. Baptista

This paper describes EDWARDS, an Extensible Data Warehouse Server intended for OLAP users, DW designers, database programmers and administrators. The core of the server is its metadata repository, i.e. information about the structure, content and interdependencies of DW components. Developed as an object-oriented framework, it propitiates easy, do-it-yourself solutions for the construction and use of DWs, capturing the design and programming expertise necessary to solve a class of DW applications. It provides a well-designed and well-thought-out infrastructure so that when new pieces (i.e., a new DW or a DW evolution) are created, they can be incorporated with minimal impact on the other pieces in the framework. An example of DW creation helps the reader understand how to customize the framework.

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