Pulling it all together with WIT: A tool for integrating Web-based information

W. David ReeseDennis HeimbignerAlexander L. Wolf

The proliferation of World Wide Web accessible information sources has introduced the problem of integrating those sources into uni_ed views of the data. Web-accessible data of interest can be customized and tied together in any number of ways and using a variety of possible techniques to result in structures known as datawebs. Collaborators and others with a desire for uni_ed views of multiple datawebs face the challenge of being able to integrate such webs without actually exercising any control or ownership over them. Such integration can be simpli_ed when standard dataweb architectures and construction techniques are used. This paper discusses approaches to simplifying the integration problem and describes a Web Integration Tool (WIT) that has been constructed to aid in the automated integration of Web-accessible data.

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