Digital library services supporting information integration over the Web

Tarcisio LimaAmit ShethNaveen AshishMukesh GuntamaduguSriram LakshminarayanNarayanan PalsenaDilpreet Singh

Our research and development activities in digital libraries raised relevant features in supporting Web information integration. Underlain by an in house multi-agent based architecture, the main achievements so far have been prototyped as services: (a) various semantic interoperability niches, by the use of inter-ontological relationships built onto iscapes (a means of specifying information requests using embedded context sensitive information); (b) integrated access to information, by automating metabase (a database of metadata) creation; (c) a framework for creating iscapes and metadata modeling; and (d) information processing, by query planning and cost modeling of Web sources. A real-world application scenario illustrates how geographical and environmental Web-based information systems can benefit from appropriating these facilities.

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