Le Select, a middleware system that eases the publication of scientific data sets and programs

Eric Simon

Scientific applications require the sharing of data sets and data processing programs. Currently, this is hard to achieve due to the distribution and strong heterogeneity of data and programs. Le Select is a middleware system that has been specifically designed to address this issue. The general objective of Le Select is to allow resource owners to easily publish their resources (data and programs) to the community, give a uniform and virtually integrated view of published resources to potential users (or consumers), and let these users manipulate the available resources through a high-level language. The presentation will give an overview of the objectives and functionality of Le Select. Then, we will show how data and programs can be published using wrappers, and how published resources can be manipulated. Clique no link abaixo para buscar o texto completo deste trabalho na Web: Buscar na Web

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