Uma máquina extensível para suporte a novos modelos de execução de consultas

Fausto V. M. AyresFabio A. M. PortoRubens N. Melo

Querying processing in tradicional Database Management Systems (DBMS) has been extensively studied in the literature and adopted in industry. Such success is, in part, due to the performance of their Query Execution Engine (QEE) for supporting the execution of traditional queries. The advent of the web and its semi-structured data model brings new query scenarios, suggesting new execution models such as: adaptive, continuous, and stream based. To support this models, the tradicional QEE must be extended, resulting in a great development effort as the one recently seen to support the XML data model. This paper propose the design and construction of an extensible QEE adapted to new execution models. For each scenario we consider that an execution model is the combination of the scenario's execution characteristics. Therefore, our approach is to implement each execution characteristic as a module and each execution model as a combination of this models. Thus, by extending this QEE through designing new modules, new execution models are supported. To achieve this goal, we use a software framework technique to produce the QEEF (Query Execution Engine Framework). With the best of our knowledge we did not find similar work in the literature.

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