Um Método Baseado em Particionamento para Exploração de Ambientes de Desastre

Annibal B. M. da SilvaLuis G. NardinJaime S. Sichman

Disaster response imposes a series of difficulties, such as partial anduncertain knowledge of the environment's current state. These conditions hinderthe identification of rescue tasks to be performed, making rescue strategiesbased on that information not applicable in some cases. One of the proposalsfor tackling these difficulties is a more efficient exploration of the environment,enabling a better identification of the rescue tasks to be performed. We proposean environment exploration algorithm based on partitioning. Preliminaryexperiments were realized using the RoboCup Rescue simulation platform. Inthese experiments, the environment is partitioned and one agent is designated toexplore each partition. The results revealed a slight improvement in the rescuetasks identification.

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