Abordagem para Desenvolver Tecnologias de Software com apoio de Estudos Secundários e Primários

Rodrigo Oliveira SpínolaArilo Claudio Dias-NetoGuilherme Horta Travassos

Minimizing risks in the development and introduction of new technologies in the software industry can be considered an important factor to evolve software engineering as science. The using of evidence provided by experimental studies allows the characterization of a technology before its using in software projects in the industry. Thus, it is possible to determine with reasonable precision the feasibility in to use a software technology in specific scenarios. Based on this context, this paper presents an approach that uses secondary and primary studies to support the conception of new software technologies. Its applicability is evaluated by the description of two experience cases. As consequence, some discussions are presented regarding the difficulties, risks, and benefits in the using of the proposed approach.

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