Test Scenarios Generation Based on Use Cases

Fabio Roberto OctavianoAndré Di ThomazzoKamilla CamargoSandra Fabbri

This research group has been working towards building an environ-ment which helps software development, providing support to some activities based on use case model. Prior to our enrollment in this research, the environ-ment supported use case construction, requirements document analysis, re-quirements traceability and use case points estimation. In this paper it is pre-sented a strategy to generate test scenarios for unit testing and integration test-ing, based on use case model. Such test scenarios are generated automatically through a module that uses information from this broader environment and they are a starting point to test case definition. The data modeling was based on some proposals found in literature which provided the means to implement the dependency chart, graphs and the test tree. Such structures supported the test scenarios generation. Based on a system previously tested from a real company, we compared the unit and integration test scenarios generated by the environ-ment and the results showed that some test cases were not covered by our new module but, on the other side, some generated scenarios were not planned by the company. With this in mind, the test scenarios automatically generated by the environment can be considered as a support to the test plan elaboration and to the test case definition

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