From MoProSoft Level 2 to ISO/IEC 29110 Basic Profile: Bridging the Gap

Miguel Morales TrujilloTeresa VenturaHanna OktabaRodrigo Torres

The spread of the interest and the need for process reference models, specifically for small and medium software development organizations, has been a catalyst for generating ISO/IEC 29110 Software Engineering -- Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities. Based on the Mexican standard NMX-I-059-NYCE-2005, better known as MoProSoft, ISO/IEC 29110 is the first international standard specifically designed for very small entities. Thanks to the COMPETISOFT Project and MoProSoft, the background knowledge and models adoption experience have been introduced in Latin America. In Mexico more than 300 organizations have been evaluated in NMXI- 059-NYCE-2005, and in 2009 MoProSoft became a national standard in Peru. As a whole, it gives small software development organizations in the region an advantage in adopting an international standard. This paper clarifies the gap between ISO/IEC 29110 and MoProSoft level 2. As a result of a theoretical and practical review both standards were mapped, coverage between them was defined and some recommendations were suggested to adopt the Basic Profile of the new international standard starting from the Mexican standard.

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