HAMLET: Heterogeneous Application Middleware Layer for Extensive Tasks

Leonardo PanequeMiguel Katrib

Volunteer Computing states a model for distributed computing where computer owners share their idle resources to solve small parts of a partitioned problem. The system architecture is scalable by itself so, like in any kind of parallel computing, the only requirement is that the problem must be divisible into smaller parts. By another way, the latest so called Cloud Computing offering frameworks for ubiquitous storage and calculation makes possible to write robust applications that are easily scalable. Mixing both approaches, this paper proposes HAMLET, a middleware for Volunteer Computing that can be hosted on shared, dedicated and cloud environments. The system is expected to be easy to use, and it was designed as a set of services and web interfaces based on a Service Oriented Architecture approach. HAMLET application was implemented under the .NET Framework 4.0 and using Windows Communication Foundation for services communication.

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