Estudo sobre a Influência do Tipo de Personalidade do Inspetor no Desempenho de Inspeções de Usabilidade

Tayana ConteNayane MaiaAnna Beatriz MarquesEmília Mendes

Usability is one of the most relevant factors for the acceptance of Web applications. Different inspection techniques have been proposed aiming at detecting usability defects and to increase the quality of Web applications. However, studies have indicated great variation in the results even when using inspectors with similar experience. It is possible that other factors not accounted for have influenced the results of these usability inspections. Therefore, this paper aims to investigate the influence that different personality profiles (based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) may have upon the performance of usability inspectors. These results, when compared to a previous study that investigated the personality profiles of code inspectors, suggest that the allocation of inspectors based on their personality profiles seems to increase the number of defects detected in usability inspections.

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