Concept Categorization in Pre-conceptual Schemas

Carlos Mario Zapata J.Oscar PastorGiancarlo GuizzardiRenata Guizzardi

Pre-conceptual schemas are used in software engineering for automatically generating conceptual diagrams and source code of a given domain. Inside pre-conceptual schemas, concepts are not currently categorized, leading to misuses of such nodes. From the definition of Aristotle's Categories, many authors have discussed and recognized the need of classifying elements into categories. Ontologies take advantage of such feature and establish complete taxonomies of categories for using in several domains. In this paper, we exemplify the use of an ontological theory for extending the meaning of concepts inside pre-conceptual schemas, in order to recognize the differences among several types of concepts for representing the knowledge related to a certain domain by means of pre-conceptual schemas. The proposed concept categorization is illustrated by a running example.

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