Complementing the SEI-IDEAL Model with Deployers' Real Experiences: The need to address human factors in SPI initiatives

Marília Guterres FerreiraRaul Sidnei Wazlawick

This paper examines the SEI-IDEAL model and verifies that although it satisfies the needs of technical guidelines in SPI implantations, there is an important lack related to human factors guidelines. This paper proposes that that lack can be filled with some recommendations based on the Change Management theory (CM). Through face-to-face interviews and questionnaires, thirty-eight successful implantations of SPI were studied from the point of view of twenty-four deployers with an average of eight years of experience in SPI, one appraiser, three representatives of a company that was evaluated for certification and one practitioner. All interviewees were members of the SPI leading teams. The paper provides suggestions based on human factors to the IDEAL Model gleaned from the real experience of the SPI leading teams. Those suggestions complement the IDEAL Model addressing human factors according to the Change Management practices.

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