Aspectos humanos que afetam um programa de melhoria de processo de software - Uma análise qualitativa

Davi Viana dos SantosDalton Chaves Vilela JúniorCleidson de SouzaTayana Conte

The success of a software process improvement (SPI) program depends on several technical and social questions. Although the technical aspects are important for a good performance of the improvement activities, they are not enough to guarantee the success of the program since SPI programs heavily depend on the human commitment. Therefore, it is important to indentify and to analyze the 'different human aspects that can affect a SPI program. Therefore, this paper has two main goals: (1) to present the results of a qualitative study using the Grounded Theory method to identify the human aspects that influence SPI program from the view-point of the collaborators; and (2) to disseminate knowledge about qualitative studies in order to encourage its adoption by other Software Engineering researchers in the context of SPI programs

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