ProMEG: Um Jogo para Ensino de Gerência de Projetos com Foco na Gerência de Recursos Humanos

Sergio H. B. de MiraRodrigo P. dos SantosHeitor A. X. Costa

Project Management (PM) aims at training professionals to supervise teams and it is a very important field in Software Engineering (SE). Thus, in the process of teaching and learning, the methods used in forming human resources to SE industry have been reviewed in order to stimulate research on new strategies, such as educational games. In this sense, this paper presents ProMEG, an educational game to assist the process of teaching and learning of PM. ProMEG considers the scenario where the player is in a virtual enterprise and should develop a project with a development team. The goal is to explore the concepts related to PM, focusing on human resources and highlighting the entertainment in games.

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