Conduzindo Projetos Ágeis em um Contexto Multidisciplinar: Um Relato de Experiência

Aline JaqueiraRoberta CoelhoMárcia Lucena

Collaborative learning relates theory and practical experience in solving problems in order prepare students for the enterprise environment. The possibility of linking the theoretical and practical knowledge during graduate courses gives students a practical experience while in the academic context. Not only, technical experience, but also, human experience regarding the development of relationship skills. Accordingly, we applied a practical project in a multidisciplinary context (Software Engineering and Database courses) in which the students applied Scrum agile methodology and a set of software development tools in order develop a software project. Such projects bring the student as close as possible to a real environment of software development. This article presents our experience, difficulties and lessons learned along a semester. Results have showed that applying a multidisciplinary project is a valuable initiative. We also present the perspective of students and teachers on the project.

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