A Systematic Review on Software Product Lines Scoping

Marcela Balbino Santos de MoraesEduardo Santana de AlmeidaSilvio Romero de Lemos Meira

Software Product Lines are a systematic way to achieve the benefits related with large-scale reuse. In Software Product Lines, an important phase is the Scoping, which is essential for the success of the product lines. It aims to determine the viability of a product line, identifying aspects such as: products that will constitute the product line, risks, reuse potential and costs for implementation of the core assets. However, some of their important aspects are not well-defined in the existent approaches, as the customization of the Scoping according to the context in which is inserted. In this context, this paper presents a systematic literature review in order to investigate the state-of-the-art, trying to summarize the current scenario, identifying best practices, challenges and limitations.

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