Profiling High Level Abstraction Simulators of Multiprocessor Systems

Liana Duenha, Rodolfo Azevedo

Simulation has become one of the most time-consuming tasks in Electronic System Level design, requiredboth on design and verification phases. As the complexity ofmodelled systems increases, so do the need for adequate use ofavailable computational resources in multiprocessor computersor clusters. SystemC simulator models are designed to use onlyone core, even if the hardware is multi-core. In this paper, weanalyse 20 platforms, designed in SystemC, varying from 1 to16 cores with 4 different processor models (ISAs), and evaluatedthe SystemC kernel overhead for a set of 12 programs runningover those platforms, totaling 240 configurations. We split theexecution time into the simulation components and found out thatthe major contributor to the simulation is the SystemC kernel,consuming around 50% of the total simulator execution time.This finding opens space for new research focusing on improvingSystemC Kernel performance.

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