A Semi-Passive UHF RFID Tag Chip Applied for Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI)

Egas Henes NetoRafael SoaresDaniel BarcelosEduardo Conrad JuniorJanaina CostaMurugappan RamaswamiAntonio SouzaJosias MainardiRafael CantaliceDavi Leonel

The paper presents a semi-passive UHF RFID tag chip developed to meet the restrictive requirements for Electronic Vehicle Identification application. The use of an external power supply allows the tag to achieve longer communication ranges even though additional features such as communication data encryption have been added. The system exploits back-scattering mechanism like a passive tag to achieve long battery life. The combination of longer communication ranges with back-scattering mechanism required innovative and efficient design solutions to increase power sensitivity. A low-power PMU featuring several wake-up modes was implemented to meet the required battery duration. The semi-passive tag chip was manufactured in 0.18?m standard CMOS technology and is compliant with SINIAV standard. The provided silicon measurements showed a sensitivity of -23dBm RF input power.

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