A Goal Oriented Approach to Identify and Configure Feature Models for Software Product Lines

Carla SilvaClarissa BorbaJaelson Castro

A goal oriented approach can be used as a way to discover variable and common requirements of a software product line (SPL), as well as to reduce costs associated with the configuration of a specific product in a product family. A goal oriented requirements engineering approach which has been used to develop complex system is the i* framework. It provides a manner to identify and specify the stakeholders' goals in relation to the intended system, as well as the characteristics of the system itself. This work proposes an extension of the i* modeling language, called i*-c (i* with cardinality), that allows inserting cardinality in some of its modeling elements. The G2SPL (Goals to Software Product Line) approach defines a process to identify and model common and variable features of a SPL using i* models with cardinality, as well as guides the configuration of a specific product in the SPL.

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