Uma Proposta para Avaliação de Equipes de Requisitos

Milene SerranoFillipe NapolitanoMaurício SerranoEduardo KinderMark DouglasDanielle LoyolaBruno RezendeJulio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite

Software Engineering has, as one of its main goals, the duty of helping software managers perform their jobs as better as possible. As such, technical management, which embodies software engineering expertise, is the central aspect in software management. Managing human resources is difficult for any production scheme, but is particular challenging for software, a knowledge intensive production process. This paper tackles the issue of evaluating requirements teams. An evaluation method is proposed to help managers better control their teams productivity. The proposed method stands on the shoulders of previous literature and on early feedback from its use in two laboratory projects conducted at PUC-Rio.

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