Método ERi*c - Engenharia de Requisitos Intencional

Antonio de Padua Albuquerque OliveiraJulio Cesar Sampaio do Prado LeiteLuiz Marcio Cysneiros

The aim of this paper is to present the Intentional Requirements Engineering Method - ERi*c, which is a contribution to Goal Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE). ERi*c is based on the intentionality concept as applied by the i* Framework. Intentionality reflects organization actors' motivations and interests and is represented in the models by goals and softgoals. The singularity of the proposal consists in how to do the intentionality elicitation and how to model it in a way of mitigating i* models complexity. The ERi*c Method has six steps, which cover elicitation, modeling and analysis. The ERi*c Method is shown through "The Expert Committee System" (EC System) exemplar, a system to support the organization of a conference program.

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