A Language-Based Approach to Variability Analysis

Bruno Santana da SilvaSimone Diniz Junqueira BarbosaJulio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite

Ways to deal with differences among users and hardware platforms have been investigated by several subareas in Computer Science. Despite these research efforts, even today we lack a systematic approach to deal with variations that reflect differences in user goals, needs, preferences, and strategies to achieve goals. In this paper, we explore the variability of the user's domain language to promote the requirements engineers' reflection on the need to deal with variations and what strategies are adequate to deal with them further in system design, as it will be reflected in the user interface language. In the proposed approach, we take into account concerns involved in different contexts of use to better understand the dynamic of user goals variability during system usage, before considering how to achieve the user goals on user interface language.

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