Evaluating a Tool for Bug-report Analysis and Search

Yguaratã Cerqueira CavalcantiPaulo Anselmo da Silveira MotaIvan do Carmo MachadoEduardo Santana de AlmeidaSilvio Romero de Lemos Meira

Bug report tracking systems have been used to facilitate the maintenance and evolution of software. However, duplicate entries of bug reports in such systems can considerably impact productivity within software project. This reduction in productivity occurs because duplicate entries demand more time for search and analysis of bug reports. In this context, this paper presents the main problems caused by bug report duplication problem. In addition, a tool for bug reports search and analysis (BAST) is proposed to deal with the duplication avoidance, as well as, it also presents a case study to evaluate the tool. For the evaluation, we compared BAST against a baseline tool in a private company for software testing. The results showed that BAST worked better than the other one, both to reduce the time of analysis, as well as, to reduce the number of duplicates submitted.

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