Modelo matemático y procedimiento para evaluación por complejidad de los requisitos software

Karina Pérez TeruelMaikel Yelandi Leyva VásquezIng. Karel Fernandez CedeñoSasha Valdes JimenezIng. Daimara Mustelier Sanchidrian

Requirements Engineering provides an important basis for estimating time and effort in software development projects. Software requirements give a significant measure of product size to be developed. The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) has an estimation method, which, in order to gain accuracy, incorporates a second estimate after the requirements phase to have more detailed technical input. This requirement shall be classified according to the complexity they bring to the software implementation. This article details a mathematical model for the classification of complexity in software requirements and a tool designed to facilitate the process of assessing the requirements on software development projects at UCI.

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