Improving the Quality of Software Requirements Specifications with Semantic Web Technologies

Verónica CastañedaLuciana BallejosMa. Laura Caliusco

A good software requirements specification (SRS) offers a number of benefits which include: being the contract between customers and suppliers, reducing the development effort, being a good basis for estimating costs and planning, a reference for verification and validation, and a basis for the identification of possible improvements in the analyzed processes. Mainly due to the lack of information and differences in interpretation between all those involved in the development of an information system, a good SRS is very difficult to define. In this paper, an approach based on Semantic Web technologies for defining a good SRS is presented. The main component of this approach is an ontology called OntoSRS that preserves the consistency, correctness, traceability, organization and unambiguity of a SRS. In addition, an application example is discussed.

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