A model-driven framework to integrate Communication Analysis and OO-Method: Supporting the model transformation

Marcela RuizSergio EspañaÓscar PastorArturo González

Models are now part of an increasing number of engineering processes. However, in most cases, they are confined to a simple documentation role instead of being actively integrated into the engineering process. The model-driven development approach considers models as first-class entities and also considers tools, repositories, etc. as models. In order to take full advantage of these ideas, model transformation emerges as a main activity. Model transformation aims at supporting the production of target models from a number of source models. Following the model-driven development paradigm, we propose a model-driven framework to integrate Communication Analysis (a communication- oriented business process modelling and requirements method) and OO-Method (an object-oriented model-driven development method). This integration framework is composed of two stages: diagramming support and transformation support. This paper describes the second stage (the first stage was described in previous works). Phases, tasks, technological support and examples are presented. Finally, we conclude with an analysis and discussions about lessons learned and an evaluation proposal to assess the usability of the transformation module.

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