O Gerenciamento de Requisitos no Ambiente COCAR

André Di ThommazoMarcos Danilo MartinsSandra Fabbri

This research group has been working towards building an environment which helps software development, providing support to some activities mainly based on use case model. The reading technique TUCCA and a template to specify requirements were previously defined in another work of this group and are the basis of this environment. Aim. The aim of this paper is to give an overview of COCAR environment, emphasizing the requirement management activities supported by it. Method. Based on literature and several proposals of other authors, we introduced in the environment some functionalities that support requirement management and provide traceability between the requirements and the use case model. Results. The environment was used in a simple example of a real company and the results motivated the improvement of the environment and the continuity of this research. Conclusions. The information provided by the requirement functionalities give relevant support to maintain the requirement exchange controls, consistence and the development planning, supporting and facilitating some activities related to requirement management.

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