Guidelines for Business Modeling Elaboration based on Views from Domain Information

Silvia Angelica Zanco LadeiraMaria Istela Cagnin

Business modeling is an activity of the Requirements Engineering that involves a knowledge process of the organization and provides a specific business domain view. On this process, models that can approach the context in which the system domain is inserted in different views (roles, business process and business rules) are built. In spite of the importance of these models, in general, they are not part of the software documentation due to the additional cost and time to build them. One solution for this is the business modeling reuse. In this context, this paper presents a set of guidelines for elaboration of business modeling based on views starting from the documentation of a certain domain, aiming to make available such modeling for reuse on the software development, maintenance and reengineering. A case study to evaluate the applicability of these guidelines was performed and it is also presented on this paper.

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