Business Process Monitoring and Alignment: An Approach Based on the User Requirements Notation and Business Intelligence Tools

Alireza PourshahidDaniel AmyotPengfei Chen Michael WeissAlan J. Forster

Monitoring business activities using Business Intel-ligence (BI) tools is a well-established concept. How-ever, online process monitoring is an emerging area which helps organizations not only plan for future im-provements but also change and alter their current ongoing processes before problems happen. In this paper, we explore how monitoring process perfor-mance can help evolve process goals and require-ments. We elaborate an approach that uses the User Requirements Notation (URN) to model the goals and processes of the organization, and to monitor and align processes against their goals. A BI tool exploit-ing an underlying data warehouse provides the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) used to measure the satisfaction of goals and process requirements. Feed-ing this information into the URN modeling tool, we can analyze the consequences of current business ac-tivities on desired business goals, which can be used for process and business activity alignment thereafter. We illustrate the approach with a case study from the healthcare sector: a hospital discharge process.

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